Thursday, July 16, 2009

Awilda's reading at Lancaster Barnes and Noble

Come hear and see Awilda I. Castro Suarez at Lancaster Barnes and Noble on Wednesday, July 22 @ 7:30.

She will be making her first appearance in Lancaster County.

Come out and listen.

Come out and share.

Awilda I. Castro Suarez was born in Puerto Rico and lives in Reading, Pennsylvania. She grew up in the kitchen of her grandmother and the crime stories of one of her aunts. During adolescence she could be found behind a Gabriel Garcia Marquez type of book. She went to University of Puerto Rico and completed a bachelor degree in Public Communication. Afterwards she completed a master degree in Spanish Journalism from Florida International University. She organized poetry nights and workshops sponsored by Puerto Rico Institute of Culture (Instituto de Cultura de Puerto Rico). Was published in a short anthology of the poets who read at Cuatro Estaciones Café titled Cuatro Estaciones, Cinco Sentidos. She had been published in Identidad, Brisas, Panfleto Negro, Off the Coast and poetry anthologies. She presented her poetry at the 2002 Book Fair in La Habana, Cuba. She moved to Pennsylvania following the dream of her grandmother to have a journalist in the family. She worked in the Reading area Hispanic newspaper, La Voz. Loneliness Country is her first poetry book and is a hand-made edition. She has plans of getting a nursing degree and is writing what she hopes to be her first novel. She lives in a red house with her dog, Meche and cat, Frida Sofia.

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